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Is It Worth It to Install Window Film in My OKC Home?

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There is nothing worse than sitting in your house in the spring or summer, when things start to heat up, burning up and sweating because of the heat in your home. It is no fun because your home should be a place where you are comfortable and where you can escape the heat from the warmer temperatures. However, if your windows aren’t performing the way they should, your home can feel even hotter than it does outside.

Even if you are sweating to death inside, you may be a little unsure about spending money on residential window tinting. In Oklahoma City, the cost for tinting your home usually starts around $300 and goes up from there depending on how many windows need window film and the type of film you chose.

home3Most experts and customers agree, home window tinting, is more than worth the small investment. Not only does it pay for itself in a couple of years with the energy savings but life will be so much more enjoyable for you and your family.

If you are like most people, you like to save money. Tinting your windows in your house is much cheaper than buying new windows in Oklahoma City. In addition, your ROI will be quick! Every year, you will save as much as 30% on your utility bill. This means in just a few short years, the film will pay for itself – in other words, your winding film is virtually free!

Talk to any of our customers and they will tell you the film is amazing, here are a few benefits of house window tinting:

  • Improve Comfort
  • Glare Reduction
  • Fade Protection
  • UV Protection,
  • Reduction of Energy Costs

Changing your windows can change your life – let us help you do just that!

Safety/Security Film – Great for Severe Weather Protection

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Safety security FilmHere in Oklahoma City, or tornado Alley as some refer to us, we always worry about severe weather in the spring. You know the routine, strong winds, uncertain weather conditions, TV weather men on every channel….. We can have beautiful, sunny spring days and then late afternoon, the winds can pick up and the weather can turn crazy. This is why Llumar safety/security film which protects your Oklahoma City windows from shattering into deadly shards when broken is a great idea to keep your Oklahoma City home safe during all sorts of high winds and severe weather.

Oklahoma City Window film offers Llumar safety/security film to help you add an additional layer of security to your home, family and interiors. Even if the windows do break, the film keeps the glass intact which means less damage and injury to you and your family. The film also protects against hail because it gives the glass strength and flexibility it needs to withstand most blows from hail. However, even when shattered by hail, the glass shards stay adhered to the security film.

The great thing about safety/security film from OKC window film is that it offers more than just glass protection. It also provides UV protection as well. Harmful UV rays from the sun causes skin cancer and can fade your floors and furnishings. Window film from Oklahoma City Window Film has many benefits.

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