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Did you know Window Film Comes in Colors?

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As Oklahoma City’s trusted window film company, Oklahoma City Window Film sales and installs a lot of window film around the city. Most of our customers prefer clear films or near-clear films. Most of our residential and commercial customers like the neutral film look and it works great for most applications. There are so many benefits with film such as UV protection, energy savings, security and heat and glare reduction.

However, did you know that window film also comes in many different colors, tints, textures and sheens? Colored window film is a good choice for a unique or fun design in a space as well as it does a great job to add interest and privacy in a home or office space. Our colored film will transform windows and flat surfaces and can totally change the look of any space. We also have translucent colored films which allow a client to be a little more subtle with their design transformation.

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We also love to offer our OKC customers textured window film. Even though texture is not really a color, it provides a similar unique style and design upgrade. Textured window films are a unique and great addition to any Oklahoma City home or business owner. These textured films provide a very expensive look at a very affordable price.

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For more information on colored window films, textured window films or any solar, security or decorative film, contact OKC Window Film today for pricing and a free design consultation.

We are the leaders in commercial window film as well as residential window film!

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How to Save Money With Window Film For OKC Properties

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We are all always looking for ways to save money. When it comes to finding money saving solutions for your OKC home or business, one of the best options is energy efficiency window film. You are always looking for energy saving solutions that can help lower monthly costs while boosting the productivity and the comfort level of your property.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your OKC Property

Homeowners and business owners can take advantage of this incredible ROI. Energy efficient window film provides a 100% payback with 2-3 years in energy savings alone. The solar heat rejection and insulation technology adds another pane to your existing windows. Many people don’t realize that approximately 30% of your heating and cooling efforts go right out the window, literally. Window film provides the solution for savings you need. In addition to energy savings, window film improves comfort and boosts productivity in home offices and business offices. It also provides UV protection, blocking out 99% of the UV rays, as well as glare reduction, privacy and safety and security. Most properties will experience a 30% savings during the summer months and between 10% and 15% during the colder months in OKC.

energy saving window film okcWork With Oklahoma City Window Film

Oklahoma City Window Film is honored to be the top rated energy efficient window film dealer and installer in the OKC metro area. We have the biggest selection of energy efficient film for you to choose from. We also have experienced and certified installers. Give us a call today to learn more.