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4 Smart Tips on how to clean your tinted windows at home

By Blog, Window Tinting

There’s a famous saying that goes, “When life closes a door, God opens a window,” this is the reason why we always need to have clean windows. The windows are one of the most important parts of our home but sometimes the most neglected. It facilitates the entry of natural light and air into our homes and enables us to enjoy the views around us without going outside. 

Installing a window film can improve the efficiency of your windows. Window films provide a number of benefits which will not only save you energy costs but also protect you and your family. Tinting your windows can protect you from harmful UV rays that can pass through the windows and can also reduce the glare from the sun which causes visual discomfort for most people. Check out window tint in OKC to know more about the benefits of window tinting.

However, debris, dust, and grime can accumulate in our windows over time, which could block sunlight and hinder our views outside. This means that your windows need proper care and cleaning. 

Here are some smart tips on how to clean your tinted windows at home:

1. Check your tinted windows regularly

It is important that you check your windows for any damage. There are times that it may be scratched or has accidentally peeled off. Also, it is important that there are no air bubbles in the window film, and in case this happens, never pop it as it could damage the film. Check out window tint in OKC to know more about things that can damage window films.

2. Use mild cleaning solutions

Using harsh chemical cleaners such as ammonia for your windows can damage the film. Stick to glass cleaners that can clean well but do not ruin the film. Also, as much as possible, use less soap to avoid getting noticeable streaks in the windows. Ask the experts in window tinting OKC for the best cleaners to use.

3. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials

Window films are easily scratched. Using abrasive cleaning materials such as brushes and even paper towels should be avoided. Instead, use soft microfiber cloths to clean your windows. Microfiber cloths are available in most supermarkets and hardware stores. 

4. Clean your window regularly

Cleaning your windows should not only be done when there are special occasions, or you are expecting guests. Dust and debris can accumulate in your window film and can cause it to obstruct the views from outside. Proper cleaning can also make your window films last longer.

Maintaining your tinted windows with regular and proper cleaning will increase their longevity so it can protect you and your home for a long time. If you are still not on the window tinting OKC bandwagon, the good guys at Oklahoma City Window film are professionals that provide the best high-quality window film installation services. They will also help you give the proper care and maintenance for your window films so they can last a lifetime. Call now!