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Ways To Secure Your Home Windows

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Having secured windows also means being protected from intruders and peeping neighbors. If you still have the average window, it’s time to consider residential window tinting. In addition, we will give you more tips on how to secure your home windows. 

1. Lock your windows

This is the most prominent and easiest way to secure your windows, but when was the last time you checked the condition of your window locks? With the changing weather, the wood in a window frame can expand and wrap, pushing the glass slightly out of the frame and rendering the traditional crescent-shaped sash locks on single and double windows useless. Start by replacing any old broken locks and ensuring that they remain locked when the window is closed. Sometimes even if the locks are functioning properly, there are plenty of inexpensive, aftermarket locks you can add to secure your windows further. Pin locks will prevent intruders from lifting a window sash and hinged wedge locks can prevent double-hung windows from being opened in either direction.

2. Install window bars

Window barriers like bars, grates, or mesh could prevent entry if the window is smashed. Check your local fire code before installing window security bars as you may need to keep the window available in a potential fire exit. You can check with house window tinting companies about protective bars so they would complement your tint shade. 

3. Improve your outdoor lighting

A few well-placed outdoor lighting fixtures can deter potential intruders because simple floodlights can ensure that someone attempting to enter through a window has nowhere to hide if caught. If you are always bothered by bright lights outside your home all night, consider a motion-activated security light. You can also invest in a smart motion sensor light that sends an alert to your phone when activated.

4. Use DIY home security devices

If you got more time and don’t need entire smart home security to give your windows a little extra protection, you can still install your own window sensors using DIY home security devices to make sure you are alerted to any break-in attempts. You can do it by yourself even without professional monitoring.

5. Choose a professionally-monitored security system

The good news is that many home security companies offer varying levels of protection, from basic door and window sensors to smart HD security cameras with facial recognition. So if you want things to be smooth, you can also consider this.

6. Get a professionally installed house window tinting

If you want to add peace of mind while you are at home, you can install residential window tinting. Not only that it will protect you from UV rays, but it will also give you privacy as people from outside won’t see the happenings inside your house. Home window tinting in addition can turn your house into a much safer and more comfortable place to live. You can always consider it to protect you and your family.  

The benefits of securing your windows include increased safety for you and your family, increased security for your possessions, and most of all, peace of mind. There’s always a way when it comes to ensuring your windows from unwanted visitors.