You probably saw many movies with hidden rooms or secret hiding places behind a bookshelf or a wall with a hidden door or window. It’s cool, right? Having a room like that in your home will make you feel like you’re in a spy movie or a thriller film. Well, in reality, you probably just want a secret room to hide your stash of junk food and alcohol that your wife doesn’t want you to eat and drink. Or you probably want a room where you can have a quiet moment to read a book or enjoy browsing your phone with no distractions from your kids. 

Whether you want hidden storage or a place to hang out, building a secret room can be both fun and useful. The first thing you need to consider when building your secret room is what vision you have for this room and the space you intend to build. First, ask yourself if the purpose of your secret room will serve you and your household. Will this be located in a private area and will only be accessible to you? Do you want this in the living room but completely hidden? Define the vision you want for this room.

When you have a vision for the room, contemplate where you want to build your secret room and think about how much space is available for you to work on. If you think you need more space, consider your budget first and if the benefits will outweigh the cost. Keep in mind that the budget will depend on the size, design, and overall theme of the room. 

The most difficult part of building a secret room is choosing where to put it. The location is also a big factor in keeping the space a secret and how the room will come out. If you are thinking of where to put your secret room, there are a few options that you can choose from. If your basement is unused and not frequented by guests, it could be an ideal place for your secret room. As basements are usually huge in size, putting up a wall where your secret room will be located could make it more exciting and the rest of the basement could be used for other purposes as well. A residential window tinting expert could get your basement window to be a one-way mirror that can provide the ultimate privacy to your secret room.

Putting your secret room behind a bookshelf is a classic way to get that spy drama vibe. And just like in the movies, you can put invisible hinges on the bookshelf and use it as the secret door to the room. Another location that could give you that Harry Potter vibe is inside a closet under the stairway. If you don’t have that, closet space in a far corner of your home would be ideal. 

If you want a clever and unique idea for a secret room, why not consider putting it behind a window that looks to be a solid wall? You might ask, how is that possible? The answer is window film. House window tinting is a great way to hide a room behind a wall and make it look as if it’s just a solid wall. A customized window film that goes well with your wall could be the answer to your secret room goals. Ask residential window tinting experts that can help you with your house window tinting needs.