Before we answer the big question, let us know the importance of installing window tint in your house and even in your car.  To start with, it provides protection from UV rays and your furniture if we speak of house window tints and car interiors for the car. It also provides privacy and reduces heat penetration and glares.

So, is window film permanent? The answer is no, it is not permanent. However, if you are in Oklahoma and you have been using quality window tinting OKC services, it would last more years than the average life expectancy of a window film. In general, window tints can be removed and reapplied. If you want more reasons why you need to invest in quality window tints, check this out.

If you have noticing some visible indications that your window tints needs to be replaced, here are some type of window tints you might want to check:

1. Solar Control Film

Living in sun-soaked areas like Oklahoma in the summer, sunblock window tints are the great options. Solar control film absorbs and reflects 99% of UV rays from the sun and thus regulates indoor temperatures so you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. It also reduces glare and prevents your furniture from fading. 

2. Glare Control Film

You can enjoy your electronic devices while letting the sun get in through glare control film. This is one of the practical types actually as it diffuses the light when it passes through the glass. It is also a very common window tint in OKC.

3. Mirror Film

It can be both one-way and two-way options. For home tints, a one-way mirror can be a good option as it can be welcoming some lights coming in while preventing anyone from taking a peek. 

4. Decorative Film

Decorative films are made from dyes and are much cheaper compared to the other types of home window tints because this is the thinnest type of window tint. This type of window doesn’t necessarily block UR rays or increase window strength but they do give you added privacy. Most decorative films are used in the bathroom which have an array of patterns, designs, and colors which is great if you are improvising your house design.

5. Security Film

Opposite to the decorative film, security films are the thickest which can prevent damages from storms. Your window may shutter but because of the security film, it will reduce damage to a large crack so your window can hold out longer. It is often clear and doesn’t absorb or reflect much heat. 

6. Ceramic Film

Ceramic films are also another expensive buys because they don’t contain dyes, metal, or carbon. It is made from microscopic ceramic particles so the tint is non-conductive and non-reflective. It is the newest innovation and gives you more benefits and most importantly, it is durable. It is now being offered at stores of window tint in OKC.

7. Metalized Film

Metalized films contain metals like copper, nickel, and aluminum to function as a layer against the sun. It reflects external heat during Summer while keeping the interior warm during winters, thus saving on bills all year round.


Once you have decided which window film do you need, go for a quality window tinting OKC service. At Oklahoma City Window Tint, we are very professional and offer excellent service. Call us now at 405-601-7573.