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Why You Should Get Decorative Window Film For Your OKC Business

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Many commercial buildings in OKC have large plate glass windows. Many are probably lined with blinds or perhaps tinted glass to help cut down on the glare from the sun. There is also another way to bring a decorative look to your building’s windows….Decorative Window Film.

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Decorative window film has many benefits. It can brand your company, announce your company’s name, offer protection from the harmful UV rays as well as provide privacy and an updated design style. The great thing about decorative window film from 3M or LLumar is there are literally hundreds of choices of film designs for any style and preference.

Frosted Film

Frosted window films mimic beautiful etched glass without the steep, expensive price tag. The transparent vinyl film acts as a privacy panel or a beautiful deign. The film comes in a variety of shades and patterns and is always a great addition to any office space.

Patterned and Colored Film

There is film with stripes, squares and any geometric deign you can think of. You can cover the entire window or just install a partial window covering for a unique and modern design.

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Custom Designs

We can also customize a decorative film design for you. A company logo or special effects on your existing logo is a great way to set your business apart and update an older look.

Give Oklahoma City Window Film a call today to learn more about decorative window film for your business!

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What is Decorative Privacy Window Film?

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Decorative privacy window film is a very popular window tint in Oklahoma City. Privacy film is simply a thin layer of polyester or vinyl film that is applied or installed on to a smooth, glass surface such as a door, window or shower door. This film is also easily removable allowing you to change the look of your windows and space whenever you would like.

Decorative privacy film comes in a variety of patterns, colors and opacities.  Frost privacy film is a very common film we use for customers when they are looking for an updated look that still provides privacy. Frost film is great for not only privacy but also light diffusing and décor! Frost film is great because it is translucent that blocks visibility but still allows a percentage of light to come through.  A benefit to tinting your windows with privacy film is the film can be easily removed with the help of a professional.

Is Decorative Privacy Window Film a Cost Effective Options?

The answer to this question is a big YES! Let’s compare the price of frosted glass versus frosted decorative film: If you were to replace a standard window with a frosted tempered glass, you would be spending approximately $400-$500. If you were to keep the existing window and cover it with a standard frost film, you would be looking at a price of $75-$100 which includes installation. Now that is quote the difference. Most people don’t have to think long about which they would chose.

Privacy film provides a lot of options in terms of color, designs and privacy level. It is a much more cost effective option that factory etched glass. Give Oklahoma City Window Film a call and we can help you determine the best option for you in your home or office.