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Does Security Film Really Work for Your Home?

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gila-window-film-50167611-64_1000As a home owner in Oklahoma City, we know the safety and security of your property and family are of the highest importance to you. There are many ways you can safeguard doors and other entry points but glass windows will always be a very vulnerable point of security.

In bad situations, broken glass from smashed windows becomes a very dangerous situation because the glass is now many razor sharp flying objects. We frequently get asked the question, “but does security film really work against preventing breakage and shattering?”

How Does Safety/Security Film Really Work?

In most cases, when glass windows break, the glass will shatter into many pieces with some pieces flying around and falling to the ground and others remaining attached to the frame. Safety and Security film is made up of a fairly thin, micro-layered and tear resistant plastic film that is applied over the surface of the glass of the window. It is designed to hold the glass in place when it breaks. The film will also provide extra strength to the windows which can help stop it from breaking al together. There is no security film that is unbreakable or shatterproof. However, safety and security film from Llumar or 3M protect against vandalism, break-ins, forced entry attempts, severe weather, accidents and other catastrophic events such as earthquakes and tornados.

image of a burglar attempting to break a glass

Regardless of any other measures you may take to protect your windows in your OKC home, an extra layer of protection in the form of security window film is a smart investment to make. In addition to providing more protection against damage and theft, adding an advanced form of window protection film will likely help reduce your insurance premiums. Your windows will always be the weakest link in your home’s security plan, so every extra bit of protection you add helps keep you and your family safe.