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Factors Affecting Window Film Longevity

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Window film is a great way to improve the look of your home and to protect your furniture and flooring from the sun. However, the effectiveness and longevity of these window films will depend on climate, window or building orientation, and other factors.

What are some factors that affect its longevity in OKC?


Oklahoma is a hot, sunny state with high humidity. This can be a challenge for window film, which is designed to deflect the sun’s heat and UV rays. Window film that is not rated for OKC climate might fade prematurely or even peel off in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you should hire a window tinting OKC professional if you are considering a window tint in OKC. Local professionals will know what kinds of window film work best in the state’s climate, and they can help you find a type that is appropriate for your home.

Cold Weather

Although window film is primarily designed to block the sun, it can also help to keep your home cooler in extreme heat. However, if you live in an area with cold winters and hot summers, then you might want to invest in a type of window film that will protect against both extremes. If these window films get too cold, they can crack and peel off. Again, you should consult with a local window tinting OKC professional to make sure the window film you choose is appropriate for Oklahoma’s climate throughout the year.

Quality of Window Film

Window film that is lower quality may fade or discolor faster than higher-quality options. If you are not sure what types of window films are available, ask for recommendations from friends and family members in the area who have already purchased window film for their homes or businesses.

Care and Maintenance

If you neglect proper care and maintenance of your window film, it may not last for a long time. Make sure to keep windows clean and free of dirt and debris, and routinely check for any signs of fading or cracking.

It is also important to use cleaning solutions that are not abrasive or harsh, as these can strip the film of its protective coating and cause fading. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your window tint, not paper towels or other materials that may scratch it.

Installation Process

Window films can be tricky to install and require precise measurements as well as attention to detail throughout the entire process. If the window tint is not installed correctly, it may not adhere to the glass properly and could eventually peel off. Therefore, it is important to choose a reputable installer that has experience in the field.

However, even if properly installed, a low-quality window film will not last for a long time.


If you are looking for a window tint in OKC, it is important to consider all of these factors to choose the right film for your home. Work with a reputable window tinting professional to find the best type of window film for Oklahoma’s climate and ensure that it will last long-term.

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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Window Film

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A window tint is a key component in any home or office building. It allows you to control the amount of light that comes in, keeps your furniture and carpets from fading, and can even help keep your home or office cool on a hot day. But over time, window tinting can start to wear and tear. If you’re noticing any of the following five signs, it might be time to replace your window tint.

The tint is peeling or bubbling up 

Over time, heat and moisture can cause adhesive on one side of your tinted glass to weaken while leaving the other half of the film intact. When this happens, the film can start to bubble up. If the bubbling is confined to a small area, you can usually fix it by using a hairdryer to heat the adhesive and make it more pliable. But if the film is peeling or bubbling all over the window, it’s time to schedule a window tinting OKC appointment for a new tint.

The tint is discolored or stained 

Window tinting should keep your windows looking clear and bright, but if it’s starting to discolor or stain, that’s a clear sign it needs to be replaced. Sun damage, dirt, and smoke can all cause window tinting to discolor.  If your tint is discolored, it’s not doing its job of protecting your windows from the sun and you should replace it with a new window tint in OKC.

The tint prevents you from seeing clearly 

If the glass in your windows is starting to become foggy and obscure, that’s a clear sign it could be time for a new window film. This kind of deterioration happens over time as dirt, dust, pollen, smoke particles and other pollutants build upon a window’s protective film.  Replacing the window tint will help improve your visibility and keep you and the people around you safe.

The tint is fading 

Just like your furniture and carpets, window film can start to fade over time if it’s not protected. If you notice that your window tinting is becoming less bright, it might be time for a new one. More importantly, privacy matters to any residential or business space. Fading window tinting can lead to a loss of privacy, so it’s important to replace it with a new window tint in OKC before it gets too bad.

The glass has been broken or damaged 

If the glass in any of your windows has been broken or damaged, it’s time to replace the window film. Even if you don’t think the glass is visible from the outside of your home or office building, this kind of damage can compromise a window tint and allow moisture into its protective layer. Replacing the glass will also help you avoid any future damage to your windows.


Window tinting is an important part of any home or office building and should be replaced when it starts to show signs of wear and tear. If you’re noticing any of the five signs listed in this article, it might be time for a new window film. Find expert window tinting OKC companies to help you choose the right film for your needs.

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Is Window Film Permanent?

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Before we answer the big question, let us know the importance of installing window tint in your house and even in your car.  To start with, it provides protection from UV rays and your furniture if we speak of house window tints and car interiors for the car. It also provides privacy and reduces heat penetration and glares.

So, is window film permanent? The answer is no, it is not permanent. However, if you are in Oklahoma and you have been using quality window tinting OKC services, it would last more years than the average life expectancy of a window film. In general, window tints can be removed and reapplied. If you want more reasons why you need to invest in quality window tints, check this out.

If you have noticing some visible indications that your window tints needs to be replaced, here are some type of window tints you might want to check:

1. Solar Control Film

Living in sun-soaked areas like Oklahoma in the summer, sunblock window tints are the great options. Solar control film absorbs and reflects 99% of UV rays from the sun and thus regulates indoor temperatures so you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. It also reduces glare and prevents your furniture from fading. 

2. Glare Control Film

You can enjoy your electronic devices while letting the sun get in through glare control film. This is one of the practical types actually as it diffuses the light when it passes through the glass. It is also a very common window tint in OKC.

3. Mirror Film

It can be both one-way and two-way options. For home tints, a one-way mirror can be a good option as it can be welcoming some lights coming in while preventing anyone from taking a peek. 

4. Decorative Film

Decorative films are made from dyes and are much cheaper compared to the other types of home window tints because this is the thinnest type of window tint. This type of window doesn’t necessarily block UR rays or increase window strength but they do give you added privacy. Most decorative films are used in the bathroom which have an array of patterns, designs, and colors which is great if you are improvising your house design.

5. Security Film

Opposite to the decorative film, security films are the thickest which can prevent damages from storms. Your window may shutter but because of the security film, it will reduce damage to a large crack so your window can hold out longer. It is often clear and doesn’t absorb or reflect much heat. 

6. Ceramic Film

Ceramic films are also another expensive buys because they don’t contain dyes, metal, or carbon. It is made from microscopic ceramic particles so the tint is non-conductive and non-reflective. It is the newest innovation and gives you more benefits and most importantly, it is durable. It is now being offered at stores of window tint in OKC.

7. Metalized Film

Metalized films contain metals like copper, nickel, and aluminum to function as a layer against the sun. It reflects external heat during Summer while keeping the interior warm during winters, thus saving on bills all year round.


Once you have decided which window film do you need, go for a quality window tinting OKC service. At Oklahoma City Window Tint, we are very professional and offer excellent service. Call us now at 405-601-7573.

Elegant Ways to Minimize Glare in Your Oklahoma City Home or Business!

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Does your OKC home or business get a lot of glare in the afternoon and early evening from the sun? If your answer is yes, you could greatly benefit from glare reduction film from Oklahoma City Window Film.

The good news is there are many elegant ways your OKC home or business can use window tint/window films to minimize glare. We have many options for glare reduction such as the dual reflective window film. Reflective window film is elegant, stylish and is great for privacy. It also is great for cutting down glare.

glare okcIf you are like most homeowners, you enjoy a good family movie or your favorite TV show in the early evening. The problem is, if the sun is pouring in through your windows, the glare prevents you from seeing anything comfortably. You can control this with a frosted window film.

Glare reduction window film can also be virtually clear if you do not want to change the appearance of your room. The options of glare reduction film are endless from clear, slightly tinted to frost film.  Window tinting in OKC has never had so many options. Call us today for a virtually visit or an in home consultation.


Energy Efficient Security Film For Your OKC Home

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energy-efficient-security-film-seattleWith the warmer Oklahoma temperatures approaching and many of us staying at home more due to COVID 19, you are probably noticing heat issues in your home more than you have previously. I would encourage you to not continue to allow your energy bills to increase over the next few months. Oklahoma City Window Film can help you lower your utility bills while improving the comfort in your home. In addition to lower monthly costs in your budget, we can also help you improve your safety plan in your OKC home. Window tinting in your OKC home is becoming more known and more popular and we are happy to help you learn more about the many benefits of energy efficient security film.

energy-efficiency-detailEnergy efficient security film from Oklahoma City Window Film is a multipurpose film that keeps your home both safe and comfortable. The clear, durable film adds a layer of protection to your OKC home from accidents, severe weather as well as break ins. This film comes in several layers of thickness and is completely invisible. Therefore, the appearance of your windows and your views remain unchanged. Energy efficient security film provides the benefit of time in the event an intruder tries to enter your house.

Oklahoma City Window Film is a subdivision of Jackie Cooper Tint & Electronics, a trusted name in OKC window tinting since 1967. We are honored to be trusted by so many in our great city. We are available for free estimates in your home or by phone and email. Our experts can help you find the right solution for your home. We have been awarded the Llumar Vista Regional Dealer of the Year as well as the Readers Choice Award Winning in window tinting for several years. We would love to earn your business.

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Security Window Film Can Help Guard OKC Hospitals and Doctors Offices During COVID-19

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We are all way to familiar with the term corona virus or COVID 19. It is on every news station and on everyone’s minds. It can get very discouraging because many experts can’t tell us when it will end and most say the worst is still to come.

hospital-lockdown-OKC window film

hospitals with OKC window filmThe hospitals, healthcare workers and doctors offices are working tirelessly to help all of those affected, we are very thankful for their dedication. One of the problems is the shortage of supplies many doctors offices and healthcare facilities are having. There are not enough masks, tests and other essential supplies.  When these facilities do get the supplies, they are very valuable because of their high demand. They need to be protected.

One way hospitals and healthcare facilities can protect their supplies and staff during this time of uncertainty and unrest is with Security Window Film. Security Window film, from OKC Window Film, is a type of adhesive film that is applied to the glass to prevent breakage and entry.

anti shatter OKC window filmSecurity film is usually clear but can have a slight tint to it to increase the solar benefits of the film. The film captures any broken glass and keeps it in place. If the window or door happens to break, the film stays in place and prevents entry.

Hospitals everywhere are installing security film to protect themselves, their patients and staff and their supplies. OKC Window Film can help OKC healthcare facilities be better protected during this time and beyond.