Residential window tinting and commercial window tinting in Oklahoma City is our wheelhouse. We have many businesses across the metro that call us in need of help with heat and glare. The great news for these customers is there are so many more benefits to installing window tint, or window film as those of us in the industry like to call it, than heat and glare reduction. Window tint, window film blocks the heat, reduces glare and blocks out 99.9% of the harmful UV rays from the sun, which causes fading.

There is a great intersection in Oklahoma City, great location for a business. If you are familiar with 63rd and North May in north OKC, you would probably agree with me. The store owner had a problem with the morning sun and the heat it would cause in their store. We installed V41 Ceramic Llumar film on a brand new building at this popular intersection.  The film this customer chose gave them 60% heat rejection along with 49% glare reduction and the storefront glass was still very transparent so the look of the storefront didn’t change, it still had the same great look. We were also able to help the owner with branding by adding the store logo, store hours, etc.


The really cool thing about this particular project was once we completed the job, the owner of the store front next door loved it so much, he wanted to do his store front as well. This store owner also wanted the V41 Ceramic film and loved the fact that customers could still see inside his beautiful showroom but inside, the customers and employees were able to receive the benefits of the reduced heat and glare…win – win for all!! Commercial window tinting in Oklahoma City is what we love!!


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