solar film 2Congratulations, you have recently installed window film in your OKC home or commercial property. You are going to love all the benefits of your new window film! Now that the installation process is complete, how exactly do you care for your windows?

Not to worry – Oklahoma City Window Film can provide you with all the details you need to properly care for your new window film so it will last perfectly for many, many years to come.

There are many benefits to installing window film. Your environment becomes more comfortable and pleasant, and everyone is safer and much more productive. Not to mention, your new film has updated your space…it looks fantastic! One of the best parts about your new installation is there is virtually no maintenance at all. You only need to keep it clean – now that sounds very easy!


If you have recently had your window film installed, please wait about 30 days before you clean the windows. During the first 30 days, your window film is still drying, curing and attaching itself to the glass properly. Cleaning before 30 days could move the film around or damage the film.

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Once the film has properly cured, clean until you heart is content using a soft microfiber cloth and a very mild cleaner, something that is ammonia free is best. Professional window cleaning with mild soap and warm water is also fine.

If you have any other questions about proper care, cleaning and maintenance of your new film, please contact the experts at Oklahoma City Window Film. We love to help!


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