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The recent incident in Nashville has got schools across the country very concerned about school campus safety. School violence in America is nothing new, but it seems to have been on the rise the last several years. Schools are taking these matters very seriously and many are turning to safety/security window film as a solution.

Using Security Window Film to Address Violence in Schools

Many schools across the country have installed new equipment such as metal detectors and invested in security staff to help bolster school campus security. These are all great measures but they may not stop a determined intruder. Once these individuals gain access by breaking a window or door, they are inside and it takes a short amount of time for things to turn very bad.

Adding security film to OKC schools can address concerns of forced intrusion and it can also protect students and staff from glass shrapnel. Security film on the schools glass, doors and windows, will delay an intruder significantly. This type of film is referred to as intruder delay film.

The truth is there is no such thing as bulletproof window film. However, security film reduces the time it takes for an active shooter to gain entry into the building. This can help increase the time occupants have to flee to safety. It can delay the time by several minutes which is lifetime when it comes to an active shooter situation.

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