One of the things I really don’t like about the colder temperatures is the higher heating bills. I always dread seeing that bill in the mailbox and an even bigger fear is what that number is going to be when I open it…OUCH!

gas billWe all know energy bills can get expensive this time of year. There are definitely things we can do to try to keep those costs down, better insulation, adjusting the thermostat, turn down the water heater, etc.

There is something else you can do in your home or office to help keep those energy costs down that you may not be aware of….Installing Solar Window Film. That’s right; window film is not just for your car. Imagine increasing those energy SAVINGS each month just by installing insulating window film or energy saving film into your home or place of business.

With your typical window inside your home or office, there is nothing that can prevent the heat that is inside from escaping through the glass. However, when you apply virtually invisible residential or commercial solar window film, the window’s insulating properties can improve as great as 92%. The film is helping to trap the heat indoors. This will help keep you be more comfortable during these cold winter month and your furnace will need to run less often. The result, lower energy costs and a happier you!

Vista insulating window film from Llumar is a high quality, long-term investment that will pay for itself in approximately 2-3 years through your energy savings. If you think about it….this film is basically free!


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